1. About personal information

This application will respect laws and ordinances concerning personal information.I will handle personal information appropriately according to the policy below.
By using this application, you agree to this policy.

2. About input data

I do not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and data entered in this application.
I will not use the name, email address and contents entered in the defect report email, inquiry form for purposes other than support purposes.

3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

I may disclose personal information to third part if it falls into the following.
· When there is consent of the user himself / herself
· When disclosure is required for cooperation with laws and regulations

4. About security

Although I strive to secure security with this application, complete security is not guaranteed.

5. About the use of third-party services

This application uses the following third party service.

(1) Admob (Google advertisement distribution service)
In this application, Admob is used to display advertisements.
I may use information on access for the purpose of displaying advertisements of products and services according to users.
Information used is managed based on the following privacy policy.

 Admob policy 

(2) fabric (Google crash log / usage analysis service)
This application uses fabric for the purpose of improving the application.
The information gathered by using fabric is managed based on the following privacy policy. 

fabric policy

6. Disclaimer

Depending on circumstances of developers of this application, I will do the following correspondences from time to time.
· Specification change of this application
· Restrict usage of this application
· Stop offering this application, End of offer 

For damage due to the following reasons, the developers of this application are not responsible for compensating.
· Damage due to change of specifications of this application, limitation on use, suspension of offer, termination of offer, or unavailability
· Data loss due to the use of this application, or machine breakdown or damage
· When moved from this application to another site by link, banner, etc., damage caused by information and services provided at the visited site
· Other damage caused by users by this application

7. About change of privacy policy

I will change this privacy policy from time to time according to laws and regulations on personal information and changes in social environment etc.

Date of enactment October 17, 2018